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Monica Silva

Ageing Time (The Transience of life project 2014)


Ornate's Note


Seneca says “We don’t have a short time, but we have lost a lot of it.

The world we live in makes us see only sparkling things, beauty, wealth and power, even photography
must be in the canons dictated by this invisible power that takes us where it wants. The images of
this project, on the other hand, put us in front of a crossroads, with the free choice of looking at life
that slowly goes away, through a radicchio or a ‘Swaroskian’ fish that unconsciously shows its
fragility: ” life will go where it began and will not change or stop its course; it will make no noise, it will
leave no trace of its speed: it will flow silently; it will not extend further either by order of kings or for
the favor of the people: it will run as it started from the first day, it will never change its trajectory, it
will never linger. ” The biggest obstacle to living is waiting, which depends on tomorrow, (but) it loses
today. Arrange what is placed in the lap of fate and neglect what is in your power. ”
The images of this project invite us to observe life vanish in a poetic, reflective way, using as a filter
what we daily put under our teeth: salads, fruit, spices, meat, fish and so on, in harmonious and
ironic, reflective and raw compositions. They are a game of seduction through which I would like to
push the viewer to go beyond the immediate visual perception, to try to grasp through the elegant
references of a nostalgic eye, that beauty which, even fading, it still retains in its decay, that sense of
a fragile embrace before leaving for new horizons.

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