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Coralla Maiuri presents Chestnut

“I have been creating works and installations for many years. For the last two years pottery has absorbed most of my expressive energy. As a painter, I follow an empirical and intuitive process that supports my story, which at times is not very clear even to myself. In my work, memories of a rural past intersect with beauty to create something unique.”

This is the starting point to enjoy the craftsmanship of Coralla Maiuri, a dreamlike and at the same time practical world where dream landscapes alternate with specific places. 

Marine worlds, seen through a lens, come to life in the Acqua, Seabed and Corallo collections; Piazza del Popolo takes up the great Italian artisan ceramics made unforgettable by golden details through a palette of shades for every mise en place. Villa Borghese, on the other hand, pays tributes to the great masters of Italian Renaissance and Baroque art.

What unites these different interpretations is the way in which Coralla Maiuri manages to see the art of the table. Ceramics take a leading role, bring to life the most classic of mise en place and, combined with centerpieces, transform every meal into a moment of unforgettable elegance.

Even with the new Chestnut collection, Coralla Maiuri confirms herself as the queen of ceramics.

In the Italian tradition, ceramics have inaccuracies that make them authentic. Coralla Maiuri highlighted them with the luxury of gold and precious specks for a unique result of its kind. Just like in this collection: vibrant, full of character, she takes the colors of the earth, as if the porcelain were still raw, and colors them, interprets them, elevates them with golden specks without ever forgetting the practical sense of their use.

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