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André Fu presents his new collection Art Deco Garden

What do Art Decò and a Zen garden have in common? Not much, actually.

The first has precise, almost rigorous lines, opulent even where there is a curve in contrast to an austere period.

The second is instead an example of a precious ritual of relaxation, harmony and well-being that can almost be identified as the opposite of the style of the early twentieth century.

Andrè Fu, during the creation of the new Art Deco Garden collection, managed to find a way to make these two styles communicate in perfect synergy: deconstruct and imagine again.

“My personal design approach is not just about combining styles together; rather, it rests on an ability to navigate different cultures and reflect contemporary culture based on the inherent qualities of beauty itself, as opposed to just based on any one style. We are thrilled to share the results of our exploration into the world of ‘Art Deco Garden’ through a selection of delicately crafted objects and homeware for the upcoming collection.” says André Fu.

The first step was to conduct extensive research on Zen gardens, especially the Tofukuji Temple Garden. It is in this context of serenity that the designer has thought about the use of natural elements that create, together, a great feeling of inner serenity and movement, just like the stones of Zen gardens.

At the same time, André Fu sees a subtle similarity from the use of pattern in the Art Deco movement an era of excitement and glamour characterised by bold and rigid geometric forms in symmetrical compositions. Their intricate lines, through the interplay of round and diagonal lines, similarly evokes rich layering and a sense of movement.

The result of this research is a collection that emphasizes the discreet elegance typical of the André Fu Living style: panels that recall the oriental style are flanked by furnishing elements with a strong expression of texture, then lamps that play with shadows, hand-painted fabrics of great finesse like the series of hand-painted porcelain tableware.

The collaboration with de Gournay is also a fundamental element of the new collection. André has chosen to work with the renowned British wallcovering studio, recognising the company’s longstanding vision to fuse cultures and styles as a perfect match to what André Fu Living is striving to explore. The highly-skilled artisans at de Gournay have encapsulated Andre’s imagination of a Zen garden, infused with the hallmark silhouettes of Art Deco motifs into surprising designs.

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